In May, when we were in London, attending a small gig at the Dublin Castle venue in Camden, Nom-R half-remembered a Vietnamese place that she had been to years before.

Viet-Anh Cafe is located minutes from Camden Tube Station, on Parkway. ┬áIt has seating for approximately 20 – 25 people, with a few more small tables outside. It is as the name suggests, a diner-style cafe rather than a restaurant, and though it is amid a sea of more expensive and more elaborate Asian and Italian restaurants, Viet-Anh Cafe stood out to us as a place to go.

The menu is quite extensive, with the option of many traditional Vietnamese and Asian dishes. The food was reasonably priced and the service was extremely quick. The servers were friendly and competent, and our orders were taken almost immediately. Within ten minutes of ordering, our food was being served. It was obviously freshly prepared and steaming hot.

Nom-R had a starter of Vietnamese style barbeque pork skewers and a main course of squid and aubergine in a spicy tomato sauce. The pork skewers were crispy and full of flavour, and the squid was perfectly cooked, with a bit of a bite to it. Nom-J had deep fried prawns wrapped in parcels, like spring rolls, for starters, and had the sizzling beef satay with green and red peppers for her main. The prawns were perfect, served hot with a hot and sour dipping sauce, as were the pork skewers. Both meals came with the option of boiled or egg fried rice, or noodles, as did most of the dishes on the menu.

The only criticisms we have of the cafe was that they did not offer you forks to eat with, which made the skewers difficult to eat neatly, and that the satay sauce was slightly mild, though Nom-J freely admits that she may just be used to a stronger satay sauce from Chinese restaurants.

We would definitely recommend this cafe to others, and would have no problem going back to eat there again.

We give it 4.5 out of five stars.