Opinions: everyone has them, and we are no different.

In fact, our opinions when it comes to food and places to eat are pretty strong, so we’ve decided to launch this blog to share them. We don’t consider ourselves critics – if you like, we are the Hairy Bikers of the food reviewing world; not professionals, just passionistas.

We don’t spend our evenings at The Ivy or Babbo – although we adore Mario Batali – and we’re not ashamed to admit to enjoying fast food, but we intend to explore our home town and to use any opportunity to explore beyond its borders, be it local cafe lunches or beach restaurants across the Atlantic.

If you have recommendations, let us know, but bear in mind that any time we eat out it’s paid for from our own pockets so we can’t guarantee we can make every suggestion. If you’d like to share your input on locations we review, please do – we’d love to hear your experiences, too.